by Amy Freeman     July 26, 2013     1735   0   1   0   0  
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Sam questions everything lately—even her own gifts—the ability to see auras and the future. Since moving on campus with her best friend Anna, she is bombarded by a constant feeling of dread and recurring dark visions. Sam believes she is losing her mind until the night she meets gorgeous famed Olympic swimmer, Trin Kosolov. Hidden beneath his celebrity icon status are gifts like hers—making her feel safe and understood for the first time in her life. But meeting Trin does not bring relief. Trin's abilities far exceed her own, and his presence only increases the element of danger. Sam’s visions grow darker, more threatening—teetering on the brink of mortal jeopardy. Sam is about to learn who she really is. Enrolling at this college was no accident. Trin has been searching for her—but he isn't the only one. Something more sinister than she can possibly fathom is hunting her for reasons she could never conceive of…and Trin may no longer be enough to save her.

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