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Robert C. Friedrich

Robert Friedrich

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Robert Friedrich (Author)
Robert Friedrich (Author)



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United States


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Robert Friedrich, originally born in Slovakia, started his writing pursue in Egypt, where he has been living from his 13th. He always has had a vivid imagination but the courage to show it to the world came more lately. It was’t easy, and took some pain, guts and ton of misfortune to arrive to this point. After a time of aversion and path of unexpected circumstances he harnessed everything within and stepped up to do things which he really wants, likes and enjoys. He is writing whole range of formats, from lyrics, flash stories, and short stories till the novel. Even though the horror genre which is his choice is about the long lasting fight between the good and bad, Robert took it to the entirely new level. Adding many psychological characteristics, open ends, confusing twists and new settings, slowly developing as a new paradigm Sci-fi/Horror/Myth, enclosing many urgent issues and happenings within the life of individual as well as humankind. His approach can surely change the perspective of readers, not only widen but also illuminate the possibilities ahead. Besides writing, Robert also enjoys metal music, movies, and games. He builds his encyclopedic information’s bank in this reference and uses his experiences from wide range of activities which he had to go through, multicultural behavior, stress control, diving, translations, marketing, hotel management. Robert also creates his own covers and trailers. He speaks English, German and a bit Arabic, besides his mother tongue Slovak.

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