I'll ALWAYS Love My Mama

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Dominique Wilkins
Updated August 22, 2022
I'll ALWAYS Love My Mama (cover)
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I'll ALWAYS Love My Mama


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April 05, 2013
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In her latest book, "I'll Always Love My Mama," author Dominique Wilkins tells the story of Audrey Fitzgerald. Deserted by her husband, Audrey was forced to raise her two sons alone.

When Erick, the oldest, continued with the wrong crowd, his luck ran out and was sent to jail. Audrey visited him every week, praying that he would see the light and clean up his life.

She did whatever she could to continue to be the rock and the support that her boys needed. She loved them both and would do anything for them. Unfortunately, she lost one son and was then endanger of losing the other when Robert kills his friend.

After lying to the police to save her other son from a life in prison, Robert repays her loyalty by living a life of idleness and womanizing.

A mother's love is forever, it is thicker than syrup and lasts longer than "the song that never ends," so she will never give up or turn against her boys since they were all she had. Or is there a such thing as a breaking point and will Audrey get sick and tired of their selfishness and snap?

She had done so much, with never receiving anything in return, now in her old age, with life taking a toll on her, will she remain their rock or take her own secret "rock" and strike back before they kill her mentally?

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