Happy human, Happy dog
HAPPY HUMAN, HAPPY DOG  GOOD DOGS AT HOME Many well-meaning people have behavior concerns with their dogs. Others wonder if they foster or adopt a new dog, if it will "get along" with their dogs they already have, both not realizing that behaviors will rehabilitate and new dogs WILL get along IF the people provide the proper leadership. Often,
Dog Training for People, Lesson 2: Wherever, Whenever
Meeting dogs at Shelters & Bringing them Home Successfully During the many phases in saving a dog's life, simple handling techniques can literally mean the difference between life & death. In the shelter:
Too often, staff, volunteers, and potential adopters pass a dog in a kennel and talk to him. The dog may bark, lunge, cower, ignore, avoi
The Eccentric Me
                                                      In kindness I will call myself eccentric—not in every manner but in some and then defiantly so. I shall share but a few of my idiosyncrasies here and in the process if not inform at least amuse. First there is the matter of tea. I love tea. My wife and I at last count had over forty canisters, s
Finally, A Project that Makes Sense for Our Troops
A few weeks ago, I was introduced to an innovative concept in a way everyone may support our Military Troops who wish to follow their goals in the music and writing industry. My first reaction after reading the information on the project was, "Why hadn't anyone thought of this wonderful project previously?" Only answer was, they were not Brenda Brown.
Indian Givers About Face
The term "Indian giver", considered offensive to Native Americans, is derived from their early system of bartering. North Americans may have misunderstood items of aid as gifts, yet the Natives intended them for trade, and thus wanted them back if no item of equal value was reciprocated. People have passed onto generations how the act of taking som
D-Day for Dogs
  A big day has arrived to change the tide in rescue work, shelter reforms, and a step for animal rights overall. Those who realize the importance of Saturday, May 12, 2012 are emailing, posting on Facebook and Craigslist (http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/pet/3010165162.html) because it is vital for there to be a large turn out, for the sake of t
The Elusiveness Of Wisdom
In this short informal series I will analyze the so-called “nuggets of wisdom,” or old sayings that are passed on to us from one generation to another. We, the passive recipients, rarely question these words, if at all. We rush to share them on Facebook and elsewhere but… have we ever stopped and analyzed the words and the possible unwanted meaning
          VAMPIRE AND SKULL (Public Domain)                                                  College Freshman, age 22    First of all, I bummed around a lot before deciding to go to college. Even though I enjoyed tinkering with cars, I listened to my father who kept telling me I was a bum, that I needed to get a college education if I wanted to amo
PUFFING INTO THE BIG SKY: My Last Cigarette-smoking Days by Sal Buttaci
        "Cigarettes"  by Anna Cervova (Public Domain Photo)   I was twenty-one when I started smoking. Prior to that I had considered it somebody else’s nasty habit and that I, a wise, independent kind of fellow, would never fall prey to puffing myself to an early grave. Then one afternoon my new brother-in-law offered me a Lucky Strike, explained
Meet Hank Waterman - Excerpt from 'The Wheels Final Turn"
Chapter 4 – Hank Waterman Hank Waterman stood on the sidewalk holding the three-month-old Havanese close to his chest. He scanned the street and noticed Jennie Ford approaching from a few feet away and for an instant considered freeing the young pup until the young girl had passed. Instead, he grasped the squirming dog tighter to his chest. He watched the girls’ slim figure, dressed in white canvas shorts and tight blue t-shirt, pony-tailed black hair flying in the wind as she jogged toward him. Inwardly, his thoughts turned to lust. She might be ‘just a kid’ but that didn’t stop his body from yearning or his groin from aching with desire. Acting the respectable male adult had its difficulties, sexual desire being one of the most challenging to conceal. His weight shifted from left leg to right while he steadied his short wide frame and cast his cold black eyes upon the approaching girl.
Man's Best Friend is in urgent danger. Man is not his best friend in return!4-5 million animals are killed in U.S. shelters each year. While there is growing awareness of backyard breeders, puppy mills, and the thousands surrendered daily at shelters, it is a far cry from much needed reforms for those whose lives depend on it NOW. California is jus
Hurts So Good: Rhino Revolution
Rhino Revolution, a South African group near famed Kruger Park, who is eager to help the plight of endangered rhinos, yet reluctant in their methods, yet is perhaps one of the most effective means to save the dear rhinos' lives from barbaric poachers who don't even respect protected reserve space. http://video.msnbc.msn.com/rock-center/46489687#464
THE TRUE HEART OF ITALY by Salvatore Buttaci
My scrapbook of Italian postcards ranks high on my list of conversation pieces. “I’ve always wanted to see Venice,” says my neighbor Bill.  “Oh, the Bridge of Sighs,” says his wife Pauline. “I saw it in a movie once.” Venice. Florence. Pisa. Rome. Four postcards to a page. A scrapbook of colorful wish-you-were-here attractions: churches, the grande
Excerpt from the upcoming Romanian Rhapsody © 2011 by Oana. This is a book about my sister and me growing up in the midst of oppression and censorship. Freedom Bucharest, 1979      I was older, and my presence was probably easier to tolerate than that of my sister. My father would sometimes take me to his office with him, which was also a way of se
If anyone were to ask you to pinpoint the precise moment of your epiphany, that statement you made to a large enough audience to assure your reputation as a thinker, perhaps not brilliant, but at least a notch or two above average, what would you say? I can tell you what was on my lunch plate yesterday, but probably would say mash potatoes instead
Dog Training for People, Lesson 1: The Trick of the Tail
The Trick of the Tail Most people misunderstand a wagging tail to indicate friendliness. Actually, a dog wagging her tail just means she has excited energy; such energy may or may not be friendly. Too much excitement can lead to insecure nervousness or even aggression. An excited dog can become dominant or may become the target of another dog’s cor
Pariahs Pimpin' Out Primates
Elle Macpherson should be ashamed, to say the least. With her status & access to the public eye, she should use such means to inform the public of atrocities committed against animals, not openly be an advocate of such horrors! She has not only admitted ingesting rhino horn, but sings its praises regarding health benefits. I doubt the rhinos concur
The Serious Need for Imagination
Albert Einstein once wrote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to knowand understand.” As I watch the incredible development of my little ones and reminisce about all the mischief I got into as a youngster,
The Disease Called Negativity
Several months ago Hollywood studios released a blockbuster film that is currently up for several awards called Contagion. With heavy hitters like Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Laurence Fishburne as the main cast, they attempt to follow a web of infected individuals as a pandemic erupts across the world. This incredibly strong strand of flu virus
Book Fairs & Festivals: Here to Stay?
Kindle, Nook, and iPad's have changed the way books are brought to fans. In fact, the list of eReaders goes on and on as the eBook craze has swept the nation! With the touch of a button and often times a large fraction of the cost, one can download books from their favorite authors without stepping foot in a store. With small independent stores and
Cron Job Starts