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Fiordaliza Charles
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20 Jan 2012
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05 Nov 2012 04:44:35
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Fiordaliza has been a writer since an early age. She noticed her love for poetry at the age of 8 when she wrote her first poem entitled “ I can't speak your language”. She wrote it because some of her class mates teased her about her inability to speak English with out her accent but, she could not because Spanish was her first language and from this point on she wrote about everything that she felt in a poetic form.

Fiordaliza, became an author November of 2009 when she put together three poetry books made up of 50 original poems in each book that she has written since the age of 12 up to the present time. She became a self-published author on October of 2010. Thus far, she has accomplished publishing five poetry books, two poetry anthologies and a novel entitled "Can I Tell You a Secret?”.

Fiordaliza is currently helping to publishing a series of poetry books entitled “The Poetic Lounge” in volumes which she and Charron Monaye compile many of today's poets and writers poetry and short stories. The T.P.L project is soon emerging into a publishing company that will help to service those who are less fortunate to obtain all the resources needed for becoming a professional writer.
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