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Your Comfort Zone Could Be The Death of You

“If you really want to know yourself, start writing a book” _Theodore Roosevelt_ When I joined Toastmasters International, I became aware of my passion for writing. I delivered ten great inspirational speeches. But like most people I had the fear of public speaking and my aim for being a member was to overcome that fear. I realised that the only way I can conquer it was standing up in front of an audience and deliver my ice breaker, a speech about myself. I needed to get up and begin talking before an audience. It was uncomfortable at first, but the more I wrote and spoke the more it became easier to get used to. My reason for joining was that everything I wanted to do in my life involved speaking in some form. Then it came to my attention that most of us want to do great things with our lives,...

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I've joined Wattpad


I've recently joined Wattpad and posted the first chapter of my Chick Lit novel 'After He Left.' This is a work in progress, so follow me on my journey and discover what happens to Megan O'Leary after her boyfriend suddenly announces he's taking a 'relationship break' on New Year's Eve. Left to run their business all on her own, Megan crumples. Staying with friends at their country pub could be an ideal situation while she sorts her life out, but her best friend’s brother, Jezza, has always loved her, and Reno, an attractive Italian, presses his advances. The mysterious Hugh Chalfont saves Megan from disaster, but village gossip warns her to keep well away. Still reeling from abandonment, she doesn’t need romantic complications. Megan has always been the strong one, doing what others expect of her. Can she now take what she wants for herself, without getting hurt again?

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The Flame Before Us – this week

This week sees the release of  in Kindle and softcover versions – preorder is available now and delivery will be shortly after. I have already posted various snippets from the story, so today I thought I would bring these together into the four strands which make up the whole. Refugees from Ikaret – Anilat and her husband Tadugari, their three children, and two members of their household remain in a group together after the defeat and sack of their home city of Ikaret (Ugarit). Anilat’s nephew and niece, Yasib and Dantiy, leave with them but soon separate to pursue a different route.Newcomers in the land – Nikleos and Kastiandra and their two children are Sherden migrants, working their way south through the land. Their clan is distantly related to the Sea Peoples’ groups which sacked Ikaret, but they themselves took no part in the attack.The Egyptian occupying force – Hekanefer is...

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Angels & Arrows by Reyna Hawk.... based on true events

Synopsis: Maria Ridge was born having gifts that allowed her to see and speak to the spirit world. As she aged these gifts became more of a curse than a blessing. At 18 she escaped the taunting from not only the town but also from her family to embark on a journey that leads her to discover others like herself, secrets to her past, and the reality of her gifts. With the help of her new friend, Allie, Maria feels she finally found her place in this world. The destined meeting of Ash awakens the two girls to the fine veil between this world and the next. Can Maria survive the haunting evil that threatens her? This book is based on true paranormal events that are due to personal experiences or eyewitness accounts. The names of people and places have been changed strictly to enhance the story line. Excerpt “Wake up!”...

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The Elevator Scene - Chapter 2 of REVIVAL by M.K. Gilher

I hear a weird creaking noise and the lights flicker. I'm jostled about before the elevator jerks to a halt in mid-flight and the lights go out. My fellow elevator patrons gasp and grumble. Random lights appear as people pull out their cellphones. In the commotion of the crowded elevator, I'm heaved back onto my Italian-shoed stranger even more. I feel strong hands wrap around my hips. I'm so close I can feel his chest rising and falling on my back. Oh. Sweet. Jesus. I can't fucking breathe. I can't fucking breathe. His breath is steady and calm on my neck, almost as if he's enjoying watching me struggle for my self-control. The cat pinning the mouse down by the tail as the mouse struggles to get away. Should I pull away from him? The Slut Ivy on my right shoulder rolls her eyes and says, Duh, no silly. Stay right...

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