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Verbal Penetration by Jessica Holter - Book Review

Verbal Penetration Verbal Penetration

A book about exploring black male and female sexuality. These poets in this book take you on a journey of eroticism. I got the book because it came on HBO a long time ago, and was intrigued to read more. If she still does these shows, I, for one, have put them on my bucket list to go and see.  This book has not just poetry but stories in it as well that will turn you on and open up your eyes to the importance of safe sex.

This book has many stories that I would love to talk about them all. But that would ruin the surprise of a very sexual book that I suggest that everyone read. I put together a list of stories and poetries that you would be missing out on if you didn't read this book. And if the title of these books' poetic tales doesn't pull you, I don't know what will. I put a star next to my favorite ones that I would love to hear your thoughts on as I know that they made for a steamy read for me and a lesson learned as well.

This book has good stories and good lessons that I think everyone should read up on and take note of. If not for the lesson, the erotica in this book makes for one steamy read. Thanks, Jessica Holter, for liberating me and showing me that my body is truly a temple.

1. Verbal Penetration: an open invitation to a sexual liberation party. Gets you prepared for the start of an erotic journey.

2. Hey: a dark piece of poetry that only needs one page.

*3. Punany Nation: the birth of punany

4. Casting Satan: a word of advice.

*5. Your Black Fist: praising the black man

*6 Thick: Letting the thick girls know to celebrate their curves

7. Let Me Tell You About My Pimp: a woman whose mind is twisted into a pimp

8. Why I love you: a deeper understanding of that four-letter word.

9. Lady of Poetry: the evolution of black women

*10. Revolution of a Pact: the revolution of how Ms. Holter started writing and why. I found this very moving.

11. Pussy Willow: a flirting game.

12. In the Beginning: giving Eve a better name

13. Little Riddle: getting inside a man's mind

14. Transcend: about safe sex

*15. The Male G-Spot: and how to get a man to like. Women, pay attention to that message

16. The Head Doctor     *17. Giving Good Head

*18. X Visions of You: a man heavily daydreaming

*19. Lips Like These: admiring a woman's lip

*20. Elixir: tasting something you can't have

*21. Call before you Cum: very kinky telephone calls

*22. Pretty Black Babies: a very moving marriage proposal

*23. Absently Yours: trying to hold on

24. Passions & Mary Jane 25. Geechie Woman

*26. Strangers Let's Talk: a woman who comes to her senses

27. Punany Dream 

28. Mind Fuck      

29. Ain't I, Man?

*30. Destiny's Dance: a woman saving a man through her love for him

*31. Pussy Talk: women have ways too

32. Swell of Tear

33. Sweet Confection

34. My Invisible Man

35. Daddy Sam

36. Question 22

*37. Sanctified & Satisfied: what a woman can do to keep that special man happy

38. Never a Place to Fight

*39. Real Sex: being real with one man

*40. Quickie

*41. Jack: why you should always be proactive with safe sex always

42. Trudy & Bill

*43. Understudy Bitch: woman to woman talk

44. The Second Sin

*45. Multiple Touch: a good piece that goes dark thro on sense touch

46. Feet

47. There

48. She Says

49. Doin time

50. Shadowin' the Dark

*51. Doing Man's Work: instructions on achieving orgasm for a woman who likes to be on top

52. Kegel      

53. Next to your Punany 

54. Unpimpable

55. Solution 

56. Ghetto Cinderella

57. 1000 Thread Count

*58. The Perfect Wife: putting on a face and not telling your true feelings

59. Work

60. Mommas Little Baby

*61. Twisted in my Bed: be careful who you sleep with and always practice safe sex

62. The Master's Wife     

63. The Ghetto Unplugged

*64. Ebonically Speaking: how love is so good when you're in love, but I ain't no fool

65. This is the man for in me 66. Honeycomb hideout

*67. Sisters in Xstacy: having a sisterhood

68. Lady's Room 69. The Cutting of the Rose 70. Confessions of a Lipstick Lesbian

71. Boi, Let me Lick your Pussy 72. High is my Dream 73. Brown girl 74. One stroke at a time

75. Switch 76. The War between tops and bottoms 77. Hood wife

*78. Baby dolls: a man that thinks he knows what he wants in a woman but is clearly mistaken

79. Deeper than Death 80. Pretty and Smart 81. The Perfect Pussy 82. How to Have an Orgasm for $500

83. Player's Ball

84. Hey Pahtna

85. But you want a white girl

86. Can I Please have a little more cream

87. The Eunuch and Missy Frier

88. Bed Bug

89. Natural Healing for Unnatural Pain 90. Fucking 91. Old School Rules 92. Stunted Growth

93. Daddy's Little Girl

This book has good stories and good lessons that I think everyone should read up on and take note of. If not for the lesson, the erotica in this book makes for one steamy read. Thanks, Jessica Holter, for liberating me and showing me that my body is truly a temple.

Book Details

Verbal Penetration

Book Listing

Title: Verbal Penetration: Punany Poets

Author: Jessica Holter

Publisher: Strebor Books

Published Date: April 17, 2007

ISBN-13: 978-1593091316

ISBN-10: 1593091125


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