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You and I Forever by Melissa Toppen - Book Review

You and I Forever by Melissa Toppen - Book Review

     My favorite series coming to a happy ending. Anna and Bentley have been through a whirlwind of emotions. From fighting their urges to leaving everything on the field these two have come across the final step in their relationship: acceptance. Accepting that love really can conquer all and guide you to places they both didn't think possible. I have loved this story from the stripper pole to the soccer field and what these two have in store for you in You and I Forever was more that I could ever have imagined.

     The start of this book had me confused and thinking I was missing something, but once you catch up with you see that these two were preparing for a future and one of them didn’t know it. One of the hiccups in their relationship was really not a bad one, but one that was going to be a hurdle. Bentley and Anna met in a strip club she continued dancing even when they were building a relationship. Now, the moment of truth comes in and love enters the equation where Bentley gives Anna the ultimatum. I kind of saw it coming but for me, was one of the one questions I had in my head. Second favorite part in the book for me.

     Everything is not roses and sunshine in this book which was what I was expecting, but I understood why it happened. Anna is hit with a huge blow in her family and she is forced to come to terms with it and accept that she was going to lose a family member. Bentley really was her rock through this. Anything that she needed, he was there for. You actually see Anna not only be vulnerable but really allow Bentley to help her because you know she fought with him every possible way she could trying to claim her independence. But, through all of that you really see them become one through this ordeal.

     With the sad, came the good and Anna is whisked away to a beautiful island where magic happens. This was by far my favorite scene because you just saw the raw emotion that these two had for each. It was extraordinary love at this point because they were just in awe that they could really love each other just that much. Now you know it and I know it, that in some point in them these two are going to get married. And they do and it was beautiful, but what was really lovely to read in this book is what happens after we say I do and make it forever.

     I had happy tears falling down my face because this was the end of a beautiful series, which I will probably read again. If you are looking for that feel good book with a journey through love Anna and Bentley are it. Their story started in a place that I wasn't expecting and just watching these two just scrub away their past and really just push the haters aside. These books should definitely be on your shelf. Click on these titles right here to get ahold of You and I Alone and You and I Together.  You can also check out my videos for You and I Alone and You and I Together.  Just click on those titles to just feel the love.  You can also check out my reveiws on here by just clicking You and I Series.   Thank you Melissa Toppen for filling my world with love, love and more love.

     If you want to hear and see so more of my opinions on this book head on over to my website by clicking this link You and I Forever Video.

Book Details

Book Listing

Title: You and I Forever

Author: Melissa Toppen

Publisher: Daft Empire

Published Date: June 09, 2015

ISBN-10: 1506135056

ISBN-13: 978-1506135052

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