Verbal Penetration by Jessica Holter - Book Review
A book about exploring black male and female sexuality. These poets in this book take you on a journey of eroticism. I got the book because it came on HBO a long time ago, and was intrigued to read more. If she still does these shows, I, for one, have put them on my bucket list to go and see.  This book has not just poetry but stories in it as...
Secrets of a Kept Woman 2 - Book Review
The girls are back, well almost all of them. We are more centered on Shayla and what her life has become since her split with Titus and Lissa who is her best friend, now. And I got to say, she really ended up on top and was really showing it at the beginning of the books. On this trail of finding herself, she went back to school and is a doctor. I ...
You and I Forever by Melissa Toppen - Book Review
     My favorite series coming to a happy ending. Anna and Bentley have been through a whirlwind of emotions. From fighting their urges to leaving everything on the field these two have come across the final step in their relationship: acceptance. Accepting that love really can conquer all and guide you to places they both didn't think possible. I have loved this story from the stripper pole to the soccer field and what these two have in store for you in You and I Forever was more that I could ever have imagined.      The start of this book had me confused and thinking I was missing something, but once you catch up with you see that these two were preparing for a future and one of them didn’t know it. One of the hiccups in their relationship was really not a bad one, but one that was going to be a hurdle. Bentley and Anna met in a strip club she continued dancing even when they were building a relationship. Now, the moment of truth comes in and love enters the equation where Bentley gives Anna the ultimatum. I kind of saw it coming but for me, was one of the one questions I had in my head. Second favorite part in the book for me.
Hustlin Divas - Book Review
We start off learning that Memphis has three gang groups and within it, there are females who have a factor in how these gangs operate.  We have the  Flowers, Cripettes, and the Queen G and I did not read the story yet, but I heard this author was good in supplying me with the drama and suspense that I crave in stories.  From the looks of it, she doesn't disappoint.  The first two pages, instant fight and you already know what it's about.  The author kind of threw you into the mix of things with limited facts, but you catch on rather quickly.  For those that don't, Tashara is Leshelle's sister and Profit is Fat Ace's brother or closet thing to and they don't want to be a part of any of these gangs and just love each other, but being where they are from its not possible so things hit the fan when their little love is exposed to the wrong people.  You kind of see how they're relationship started and bloomed with the flashbacks. In the beginning of the book, you also meet all the characters in one and how each of them role.  You meet Leshelle and find out what she is to the head of the Black Gangsters Disciples.  She was probably the worst one for me and the most dramatic so, in a sense, I hated to love her character.  She is Tashara's sister and feels responsible for her despite her sister not wanting to have anything to do with any type of gangs.  You also learn a little about how both of the sisters were brought up and you get a glimpse of Leshelle and why she is the way she is.  You also see how these two lethal combinations met and how far Leshelle went to gain her position.
Project Queen - Book Review
This book was interesting and really wasn't the type of book that I stop and read, so this was a first for me.  The book starts off really weird because I have no idea what's going on but, the next few pages make it pretty clear.  I never really  knew what I was in for, but I am very glad that I read it.  I felt like you were watching a young girl blossom into this strong independent woman.  Her family and the choices that she made really made her who she is. You are introduced to Shae Byrts who is a young girl who is not living the good life.  Her and her family have a mix of love and hate that come together in the worst way.  Her mother is an alcoholic who forces Shae into a motherly role for her siblings.  Mrs. Byrts is nothing nice to her family and you really only see her doing two things in this story.  Leaving to get drunk and yelling at her kids and those two combined make for a nasty tale.  In this house, she also lives with her grandmother and three brothers and each of them have their own story that will touch your heart in some kind of way and you will start to understand Ma Violet and Toby's character as they progress.   What I have noticed with each of them was that they were all suffering from something within the family.
The Cartel 4: Diamonds Are Forever Book Review
The authors brought all of my favorite characters back for a whirlwind of a ride in the Cartel 4 by Ashley and Jaquavis.  If you haven't read the first three I suggest you close this tab, go and read them and come back at me.  All the hidden unanswered question are revealed and a few surprising characters return for some eye popping reveals In the privacy of his home Carter keeps his relationship with Mia a secret from his family and for good reason really. He accepted Mia and all her ways and didn't know how to present that to his family.  I loved how the authors showed the boundaries of Carter and Mia because even though she came back, Carter wants to trust her and Mia would follow him to the ends of the earth.  They have magnetic pull to each other because their hearts were in it from the very beginning.
Miseducation Of A Hustler - Book Review
After reading this book, what can I say I am a sucker for drama?  This book did more than just pull me into the story of Wisdom but I felt like there was more realness in this book than any book that I have read.  Honestly, I don't know whether this book was based on a real story or not, but as the situation and the drama unfolds, it's almost if most of this book was based on a real story.  I don't know if it was or not but Jabar is on author that we should keep our eyes on in the future. At the start of this book you are introduced to five people who are playing chess, so to speak with the street game of hustling.  The book just starts off dirty with Wisdom, Dank and Dammoe having a standoff with this cat name Bam.  Things take a turn for the worse and Bam pays with his life.  The boys think that they got off scot free and life goes back to normal for them.  Detective Brown has a different theory for the murder of Bam and gives his theory to Captain Smith who has ulterior motives.  On the other side everything seems to be going well for Wisdom and is crew.  Money is rolling in and people are eating.  This is also where you start getting introduced to each character and the type of person that they are.  My favorite one was Sky and not because she was the only female character, but she was the one was level headed and knew that the streets had her man, but always hoped for the best.  Hoping that he would get out of the game.
Envy by Kaliyah Knight - Book Review
This is another book where the author took me in a completely different direction then I thought it was going to.  For me, that is what made the book interesting and why I really don't read the back of books because I want to get the shock right when I am reading.  You meet this young lady named Ki and she is adjusting to her new life with Rameer who is very much in love her.  So in love with her, in fact that he introduces her to his world and they live in it together.  Rameer loves Ki in every way shape and form, but it is his that have their way of tearing them apart. When you first read the book, you see how strong their love is and what really pushes them apart is not outside forces but more of themselves and that's just the start of the book.  You see Ki really taking everything in and learning the ropes and for a second I thought their love was what was going to keep them together.  When eight years pass, that is where the fun begins and you meet some more lively characters. Rameer has disappeared and Ki is trying to adjust to her new life and right when she is ok with his disappearance, he returns and starts to try to get her love back.
Jaylin's World - Book Review
Ok, so this book was the finale of all the Naughty series by Brenda Hampton and it didn't fail to excite me.  Instead of the book being titled Naughty and a number, the author took a different route and decided to call it Jaylin's World and it fit perfectly with the story.  The chapters don't all center on Jaylin, but the characters do and I have got to say, I am going to miss this little journey.  I mean, I have read all of the books and loved every single one of them, but no, there were no tears.  More like a round of applause for giving Jaylin, Scorpio, and Nokea the ending that they deserve. So the book starts off a few years after the last one and Scorpio is married with two kids and her husband is not all that cracked up to be marriage material.  Scorpio accuses him of cheating on her and we don't know for sure whether he is or isn't.  They are on the road when this happens and they get into a bad accident that seems to have more of a major impact on her kids and everyone is rushed to the hospital.  If you missed out on what happened between her and Jaylin well, this is where you find out.  You also find out that she is still holding on to a secret that will soon come to light.
Street Divas - Book Review
After reading the first book, I honestly didn't think there was any more of the story. I thought that was the end and the people who fought so hard to be together were just shattered because of street politics. But that isn't the case. The second book picks up where the first book left off and it starts off pretty gruesome. Let's be real, Melanie was the type of character who you knew who would get what they got coming to her. If you read the first book (which I highly recommend), then you would know her story. Once again, the only thing that pulls me in is the back stories for the different characters. I really believe that the way the author set the story up that the back or past stories will define who these characters are. This goes well for people like Momma Peaches and Lucifer. Meanwhile, a miracle happens and Tashara has officially lost it and after what she goes through, losing it is what she needed. Python and Leshelle are still the crazy King and Queen of shotgun row and because of Leshelle's loyalty to him she get or rather hears her ultimate reward.
Blood Moon on the Rise - Book Review
You are introduced to Tamara who is a special kind of hunter and let's just say that this woman is tough.  She has been through some stuff to get where she is at right now,  which is in a bar hunting for a man.  No, not that kind of hunting for a man.  She is looking for a werewolf in particular and on this night she is in the right place at the right time.  You see Tamara kind of breakdown a little bit when you she starts fantasizing about the one that got away.  She quickly comes back to her senses and you get a glimpse of what her type of job entails as far as her likes and dislikes in keeping humanity protected.  On her current job she finally get the werewolf she is looking for, but things start to stop going as it was planned and Tamara ends up have to wing it.  Luckily her friend Nicholas shows up just a little late and then you find out the connection between these two, but you don't really know why she has to keep her distance.  Later on you learn not just why Tamara has these mental fantasies and doesn't act on them.  Her and Nicholas are a part of an order that track and hunts werewolves and vampires.  I started to see the pain the Tamara goes through with shutting off her feelings, but I think it went both ways and we are just seeing it from a female sense. The history between these two was actually really sweet and I felt for them a little bit because they both wanted to be together forever, but they both knew that wasn't the case being in the Brotherhood.