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Blood Moon on the Rise - Book Review

Blood Moon on the Rise - Book Review

You are introduced to Tamara who is a special kind of hunter and let's just say that this woman is tough.  She has been through some stuff to get where she is at right now,  which is in a bar hunting for a man.  No, not that kind of hunting for a man.  She is looking for a werewolf in particular and on this night she is in the right place at the right time.  You see Tamara kind of breakdown a little bit when you she starts fantasizing about the one that got away.  She quickly comes back to her senses and you get a glimpse of what her type of job entails as far as her likes and dislikes in keeping humanity protected.  On her current job she finally get the werewolf she is looking for, but things start to stop going as it was planned and Tamara ends up have to wing it.  Luckily her friend Nicholas shows up just a little late and then you find out the connection between these two, but you don't really know why she has to keep her distance.  Later on you learn not just why Tamara has these mental fantasies and doesn't act on them.  Her and Nicholas are a part of an order that track and hunts werewolves and vampires.  I started to see the pain the Tamara goes through with shutting off her feelings, but I think it went both ways and we are just seeing it from a female sense. The history between these two was actually really sweet and I felt for them a little bit because they both wanted to be together forever, but they both knew that wasn't the case being in the Brotherhood.

We are taken back to the scene of the kill where the werewolf's lover, Jacqueline has found  his body and let's just say she is not too happy about.  Might I mention that this chick is a three hundred year old sorceress that now how a grudge against the Brother and through her own kind of magic she finds out just who the culprits are.  Jacqueline finds Nicholas and Tamara and is real sneaky about it when she enters their home.  She starts to know more about what they are hiding from each other than they do and sees an advantage.  After whisking herself away,  you go into one of Nicholas's dream and see just how much he loves Tamara.  You meet Damien afterward and he is the head of the Brotherhood who comes bearing some bad news about their incident.  Damien warns them just how powerful Jacqueline is.  You start to see exactly what Jacqueline is doing to him with her own magic and I got to say,  I laughed a little bit watching him not want to just kiss her right there.  Through the wrong kind of magic,  their attraction to each other comes full circle.  Nicholas finally see the truth and is trying hard to fight it.

Nicholas underestimated Jacqueline when he went back to the bar and that was a fight right there.  Luckily, Tamara showed up and then things got real.  They both get the upper hand and they both get the wrong hand, but eventually they all come out on top including Jacqueline who flees the scene.  Once the smoke is cleared, Nicholas and Tamara both know the spell is still in him and Jacqueline needs to be killed or they really can't be together.  Nicholas get the upper hand and the spell is removed, but the question still remains.  Do we still love each other after all is said and done?  To find out, go on and get the story.


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Book Listing
 Blood Moon on the Rise
Author: Lauren Smith
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.Short Fuse Publishing
Published Date:  May 27, 2013

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