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The Writer's Life 8/6 -

There were two particularly interesting op-ed pieces in today's NY Post. George Marlin focused on the pay of legislators. In Texas it's $7200; in Connecticut $28,000; New Jersey $49,000; New York $79,000 - and they want a raise! And this doesn't even count their perks. An elite class of the corrupt and entitled has been created. Too bad their pay scale wasn't up to the citizens. I'd vote that they receive the national average, which might have many rushing for the exits. Then again, they could always make up the difference in bribes. What a racket!

George Will addressed the dangers of football, a game he dubs a mistake. The average life expectancy for those who play five years in the NFL is less than 60, even lower for offensive linemen, many of whom are in excess of 300 pounds these days. I was an assistant coach at the high school level for six years. The game has become more dangerous than ever, as players are bigger, stronger and faster. There is no effective means of reducing injuries without emasculating the game and reducing fan interest. And I always wonder what effect banning the game would have on our national character. Also, our most aggressive young men would be deprived an outlet that might keep them from questionable behavior off the field. And if football were banned, wouldn't boxing have to be as well? Perhaps what will doom football in the end, at least at the professional level, are lawsuits. There is a class action underway on behalf of those who suffered concussions. Pro sports is all about money. The loss of profits is about the only thing that would endanger the NFL.

Stunk it up on the golf course today, the most unsatisfying round of the year. Kudos to Cuz, whose short game continues to be stellar. He had an 84, despite poor ball-striking. We played Kissena Park, a par 64. I had an 89. My chipping and putting continue to be putrid.

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