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The price of Eurocentrism for non-Europeans

The price of Eurocentrism for non-Europeans

Yes, that is a supermodel...whatever the hell that is. Once again on another social site this pic of "supermodel" Naomi Campbell was posted with the title of "Unbeweavable" in the caption. At first I thought it was a Haitian refugee being rescued from another earthquake but no that's Naomi Campbell. I was like wow, my girl done turned into a Shaolin Monk or something but no, that's her taking a dip. Some pictures the paparazzi take should really be distributed and published in good taste. God DAMN!!! Right about now I know some of y'all are thinking "If this muthafucka says something else, so help me..." Good. My last blog talks about successful Black men now let's talk about the sistas this time. A dog is a dog. Yeah, that's what I wrote. A dog is a dog . Now think about it for a second. Calm down, calm down. A few minutes ago you was just thinking the same thing! I know most of y'all were and still is quick to criticize people but let's take a closer look at this picture then really give it some "critical" thought. Now let's start from the first line in this paragraph...a female dog is a female dog. I can already tell it ain't sinking in. Y'all still too pisst off at me for literacy to kick in. If you are an Afrikan woman and you physically and financially changed the look and style of your appearance to resemble the look of a race of women whose appearance is a genetic mutation of your natural beauty then you are either confused, trained like a dog or both. You think Naomi looks bad? Michael Jackson looked like Frankenstein when he died. It is what it is. Let's try again, a dog is a dog. Now what's the definition of a female dog? I'm going to stick with the first and only definition a female dog and there's a word for it. I'm not going too far, I'm accurate and correct or right and exact. I wish Naomi Campbell would see this article and try to sue me for deformation of character! Why do you think I'm writing it? Stop and think, if this woman had knowledge of SELF you damn sure would not have known her in this way. Let's keep it 100. She was bred, groomed, and compensated like a what for what? Sit Naomi sit, good girl. Don't be mad, just saying. Y'all see an abused hairline from too tight weaves. I see a woman who has absolutely no confidence or education of SELF. Yeah, she was "raised" like every other Eurocentric Black person to believe her skin color, hair texture and race are ugly. She's a supermodel, that's even worse! You're suppose to be what EVERY woman wants to be and what all men want to have, NOT what Europeans want you to be. That's a slave. The part that make Europeans laugh at you and us is she protested to be accepted the from the same people who didn't want her. Y'all still hung up on the b!tch part. Ok, so what's the definition of a supermodel? Now who came up with the concept? We didn't! What I meant by we is mean Afrikans. Let's go even deeper, why should we? The nurturer of ALL life on this planet is who? Not Jesus, Allah, Yashua, Jehovah or the rest of these make believe fairytale spooks! No, it's the NATURAL AFRIKAN WOMAN. Prove me wrong and I'll give you a million dollars. I'm not a racist, I'm a realist. Let's keep it 100. Naomi is a beautiful woman, and her mother is beautiful too! So why the weaves, perms, plastic surgeries, make-up and all the rest of that bullshit which is not good for melaninated skin? Because it don't pay the bills. Is it like that? Who pays your bills? Who buys the magazine your pictures are in? Wake up Afrikans! We are just as responsible for this if not totally responsible for this queen to abdicate her title to be a slave TODAY. How many of you so-called Afrikan American women have done the same thing this sistas did to get paid? It's so bad that I saw a sista, at the DMV in Cobb County GA, rock a magnificent natural salt n peppa afro in full bloom. I complimented her and my wife was sitting next to me! For real! But most sistas where doing the usual Black thing, you know...laughing at this sista, pointing and tapping each other on legs giggling and carrying on. Yeah the Black thing; nigga, nigger and negro mean Black. That's a European thing! Get ya facts straight. Still pisst! If your child has to chemically change the texture of their hair before the age of 15 because they don't like their hair based solely on imagery without research then they are uneducated and you're trained. Keep letting Eurocentric societies run your household and see what happens. A person who does not have knowledge of self and continues to maintain a society of another race by receiving compensation and allows that controlling race to benefit is a slave. Guess what? It's 100% voluntary. This article/blog is NOT about Naomi Campbell. It's about the price of Eurocentrism for non-Europeans. Neely Fuller Jr. said that White Supremacy is a business, Racism is the actions and I figured out Eurocentrism is the lifestyle or society. Y'all mock this picture. Trust me, Europeans world wide needed a picture like this to promote White Supremacy to keep us in check. In America we call it "Pulling Yo Nigger Card". You know like in soccer they pull a card for penalties. We all know what a penalty is. So who enforces it? That's my point. When y'all gone stop punishing ya'selves for somebody else's "benefit"? Peace.

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