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Rock City 1 By Kaliyah Knight - Book Review

Rock City 1 By Kaliyah Knight - Book Review

 The story was really all over the place for me and was really one of those books that I would pick up for a few day and put it right back down for the same amount.  It was story that intrigued me in the love factor, but was losing me at times when it came to the character development.  The plot of the story had its moments where you are moving from one scene to the next very quickly.  All in all, my nose was in this book when it had the chance.  You meet Rico and Rockwell who live in the H in Illinois.  These two are together and have their own hustles in away.  Their relationship is really on and off and in secret due to Rockwell’s uncle Marcel.  Rico works for Rockwell’s uncle and I got to say that is grimy.  Rockwell well she is a different breed of hustle and is good at boosting stuff from stores.   How they met was out of the ordinary because Rico thought she was fine as wine but never saw her approaching him.


While doing some work in the white part of town Ashford, she meets this white guy named Issac and she ends up giving him a fake name and all.  You learn that she also has a thing for Christian which could possibly be a bad thing.  Thanks to Issac, Rockwell comes up with this plan and gives herself an alias to enter into a new school and scope out the students from the looks of it.  You meet Issac who has this motive to sleep with Rockwell but he clearly does not see the problem like I do.  Rockwell is playing Issac like a fiddle.  Meanwhile, Rico is furious that he cant follow her around but he has problems of his own when his mother tries to get him off the street, but that gets them nowhere.  Rockwell goes from boosting malls to peoples houses with the help of Mole.


This book is really intriguing to me because towards the end , people are not who they say are and the journey does not end there.  The way the author played it, I assumed that this book was over, but don’t think that.  There is actually quite a few out there that I suggest you take the time to read.  It will take you a minute to start putting the pieces together, but once you do this will be one of the books that will be hard to put down.

Book Details

Book Listing

Title: ROCK CITY: A Crazy Hood Love Story

Author: K'Aliyah Knight

Publisher: Alana's Book Line & CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published Date: May 13, 2014

ISBN-10: 1500724521

ISBN-13: 978-1500724528





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