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The Writer's Life 5/31

Last night I watched another of the music videotapes I made long ago, this one circa 1994. It began with the unusual protest song Zombie, by the Cranberries, done on SNL. Despite its chintzy main guitar riff and bizarre vocalizations ("Eh, eh. Oh, Oh."), it somehow works. It is a stirring plea for people to wake up and demand an end to the "troubles" in Northern Ireland, which have since ended. Hopefully, the collapse of the European economy won't spark a return of them.

The tape had the usual variety I enjoy. The only mistake was having six Eric Clapton songs back to back. They were from his From the Cradle period, broadcast on PBS, when he honored the blues men who influenced him. Of course, the performances are all first-rate, although I'm not as enthusiastic about them as I was on initial viewing. Van Halen made a rare network appearance on Jon Stewart's failed talk show. Eddie's guitar playing was spectacular. Unfortunately, the songs (Amsterdam was one) left a lot to be desired. They were from the Sammy Hagar period. I've never been able to warm up to him as a front man.

There was a sad moment in the mix - the appearance of the late Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, tearing it up with his buddies, performing Sureshot. It was a reminder of how fickle life can be even for the successful. There were two superior highlights on the tape. Bjork and PJ Harvey teamed on a re-interpretation of the Stones' Satisfaction, done at the Brit Music Awards. Whenever I see Bjork I have the urge to pinch her cheek. She is so cute. From what I've read about her, she wouldn't take kindly to something like that. Nor would wrestling Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler, who also shows up on the tape in a madcap spot with Andy Kaufman from Late Night with David Letterman. I must not have had another blank available to have included it on a music collection. I'm glad I broke from my anal ways to record it. It was great television, my favorite Kaufman performance. As is common with his insane bits, one wonders if it is real or staged. A security person certainly wasn't sure. If you've never seen it, take a look: Warning: somehow the person who posted it found an unedited version. It is quite blue.

My thanks to Brit, who mailed payment for a copy of Killing, and to Alan, who purchased a thriller from the floating book shop today.

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