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The Writer's Life 6/2 - Simba

After 51 years, a span of 8019 games, the New York Mets finally have a no-hitter to their credit. Johan Santana, who had shoulder surgery more than a year ago, accomplished what no other pitcher wearing the orange, which honors the departed NY Giants, and blue, which honors the Brooklyn Dodgers, has been able to do, but many ex-Mets have. Nolan Ryan threw an astounding seven. Tom Seaver, who took three into the ninth as a Met, got his as a member of the Reds. David Cone and Dwight Gooden, the dirty dogs, did it with the Skanks. I’ll never forgive them. And just five weeks ago Phillip Humber pitched a perfect game for the White Sox. Of course, the Mets being the Mets, management and fans now wait with baited breath to see if Santana has been overtaxed and re-injured. He threw 134 pitches. I’d bet many fans, at least those who don’t fork over the cash for high-priced tickets, would be happy with the trade-off. After all, they don’t pay his enormous salary, and the lack of a no-hitter was a source of great frustration to many. Muy bien, Johan.
Here’s proof that A Hitch in Twilight is popular with a diverse audience:

My thanks to Marie and her sagacious feline Simba. Thanks also to the woman who purchased the huge Wolves of Calla, part of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. I am thrilled not to have to carry it any more. She also overpaid for James Patterson’s Seventh Heaven, part of the Women’s Murder Club series, another of his co-writes with Maxine Paetro. Whenever a book has been co-authored, my suspicion is the more popular writer had little or nothing to do with it. I also thank my best customer, Jack, employee of Chase, who purchased two thrillers, including one at my recommendation, Tami Hoag’s A Thin Dark Line, which is the best mystery by far I’ve read, which probably means most fans wouldn’t like it. In adhering to its theme throughout the novel, it transcended the genre.
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