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The Writer's Life 7/29 - Chicks

Politicians in certain areas of the country are trying to block new Chick-fil-A restaurants from opening, citing the owner's opposition to gay marriage and belief in traditional marriage of man and woman, as stated in the Bible, a belief held by most of the public, although, according to polls, the margin seems to be shrinking. He is not banning anyone from eating in his venues. He is being penalized for a belief. By this logic, shouldn't all churches, synagogues and mosques that hold this belief be closed? If a person does not like the owner's beliefs, he/she is free to avoid the franchise. Let the market decide which businesses win and lose. This isn't a totalitarian society - at least not yet. Citizens are entitled to their beliefs without fear of government interference. Recently, I said to a friend how absurd the idea of marriage between men seemed. She laughed and said she thought marriage between women was absurd. If there were a Chick-fil-A nearby, I would eat there once a week. If it went public with a stock, I would buy it.

My thanks to the woman who purchased four Sue Grafton thrillers, C, D, F & G in the Kinsey Milhone series. The prolific author is now up to V Is for Vendetta. When she is through with the alphabet, she can use numbers and go on infinitely. I also thank the woman who bought Barbara Taylor Bradford's Power of a Woman. A Russian gentleman broke the streak of chick lit by buying a translation of three Alistair MacLean novels, including The Guns of Navarone. Spasibo, sir. I also reached the payout threshold at Ipsos surveys. Not a bad day.

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